Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Unexpected Day Off....

...well we have snow here in Crewe and both the boys and girls schools are closed at Sandbach so a day at home for me too! But as my throat and ears are not good this is much appreciated.
The pictures today are of my boxes for the Cubby Hole December swap and I have posted them especially for Sall who wanted to see them. I hope you like them Sall! The next swap is to alter a CD case and case - everyone is welcome to join in!


Anonymous said...

Suz they are stunning you can't not love em.

We have ice and snow and blurgh is all I can say to that.

I think I need to practise the art of altering your stuff is amazing.

p.s, will email you

dagbird2001 said...

suz these are fab, well done.

no snow here, apparently we are due for it tomorrow night :(

take care


Nigel said...

The boxes are superb, especially the Christmas tree one.

So where's all this snow then?

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