Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My First Gothic Arch

Yes it is blog overload today...two posts in one day. Please don't get too use to it! Well I have been promising myself to join in the Gothic Arch Challenge for an age and today I have finally managed it. The theme this week due to the Christmas and New Period was an open theme. My arch is called "Explore" and is very simple due to the fact that my craft stash is literally stashed all round the house and I cannot find anything. I know I know this has already been mentioned but I am finding it difficult ..... oh dear. Goodness knows how I will organise myself for Saturday's crop but I shall try.


Suzy B said...

Hi Suzanne, happy New Year... Love your blog overload!!.. The Gothic Arch is pretty cool ( scuse the pun is this frosty /snowy climate).Look forward to seeing you at The Cubby Hol. I hope to make it Fri for a good old catch up & coffee.
xx Sue B xx

Anonymous said...

OMG suz I NEED the destructions for that it's simply STUNNING AND WOW I WANT ONE lol.

Martina2801 said...

This is fantastic !
Gorgeous arch.

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