Thursday, 1 October 2009

WHITE RABBITS.....another month has past! That dreaded silly season will some be upon us!
I am still not making much headway into my crafting to do list (in fact it seems to be getting longer). I have my sister's circle journal open on my table and have done most of the work .... but something just doesnt seem right so I have just been starring at it since Sunday! I thought the theme "sweet shop" would be right up my street!
The picture is of my three tags for my personal swap with Sall. These have been posted today and I hope she likes them. Sall is from the deep south but likes to look at the Cubby Hole website and so she has set the swap for us next time; set of fat quarters as I think she liked what she saw on the Cubby Hole website. Thank you to Christine C and Nigel for the loan of some rubber stamps....I think both the single shell stamps shrunk down really well to make the little charms and retained their detail.

It was a brillant weekend at the CHole for McMillan fundraising and it was great to see so many new faces.
Thank you for your kind comments so far folks! I do appreciate the few comments I get.


Nigel said...

Nice tags.

If Sall likes the Cubby Hole swaps, she's quite welcome to join in :)

Anonymous said...

Like the tags I love them hun they are AMAZING!

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