Sunday, 4 October 2009

Well I wasted all of Saturday .... achieving absolutely nothing so today I really had to get my finger out. First I did my ironing to get it out of the way, watched last night's X-Factor and then tried to get stuck in.
The result is I have four cards done waiting for the dreaded job of the inserts (can you tell I hate doing the insides of a card?). I find making cards to be very laborious .... I really don't enjoy it but I feel guilty if I don't make the effort. The cards pictured here are not my usual style - I think I like then, and they got the seal of approval from my daughter ....who seems to have a good eye. They are for my sister whose birthday is later this month.
Another busy week is pending ..... starting with a Christmas card workshop, 6-days to read Twilight and make a journal page. Why on earth have I put off reading this month's book so long. I enjoyed the film and maybe because I have already watched the movie it is putting me off as I sort of know the story. Though I am sure that the book will be better than the film as the books are nearly always better. I shall let you know how I get on!


Nigel said...

Nice cards, even if they're not 'your' style. I'm not a great one for cards either, but the inserts are easy - I have some stock verses that get printed off to match the cover.
If it's any consolation I haven't done the layout either (although I have read the book).

Anonymous said...

Ohhh another twilight person, am I the only one not seen it or read it?

Love the cards hun your going to have to do some tutorials for your blog please?

dagbird2001 said...

They are lovely cards hun, well done. xx

Suzy B said...

Hi Suzanne, I can't make it to the Trees angel workshop ( boo hoo sounds great!) cos I'll be in France I come backe on the 13th. I'll probably have to miss the Lupus T party as well. Sounds like it will be a lovely afternoon. I plan to be at the next workshop after T & A hope to see you all then
Thw cards are great!
Sue x

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