Sunday, 18 April 2010

Simplicity is the order of the day!

My mojo has been a little spasmodic recently. I struggled at the journalling workshop yesterday at the Cubby Hole .... not producing a page I was happy with all day! Then I came home and after pizza, ice cream (and chocolate whoops) I cracked on with a project for Gingersnaps and finished that happily today. Then I had a request from my mum to make her some cards for her locker at work (so if she forgets people's birthdays she has a stash at hand....that's where I get my brains from lol). Pictured are two of the simple cards I have produced using a new range of stamps from Artemio and papers from Rockets Red Glare....I have two of their pads and they are just the wonderful quality paper. I would hasten to say that I am not a paper stroker much preferring to use my papers but I do like to look at these pads. Regarding the unsuccessful journalling yesterday I am not throwing the towel in but going to leave it a couple of days and then go back to some of my pages. Hope everyone has had a good weekend?
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