Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Theme Thursday Challenge - "Paris"

Good evening. Another long day at work, the house needs vacumning but I had an urge to take part in another challenge - they are becoming addictive and this along with the blogging and the actual crafting means that the house will never be vacumned ever again. I have had the privilege of visiting this beautiful City a few years ago - its a place which inspires creativity. My card again is very simple just paper, a crafty individuals image, stamps and ink pad with the help of a nail file! I love my stamps and ink pads.
I hope everyone has had a good day and I hope to see you here tomorrow night with another challenge but I best not promise - just in case!


Nigel said...

6 entries in 9 days? Who are you and what have you done with 'That Woman'?

Love this, and the 4x4.


ScrappySuzanne said...

Oh her ...that woman has got lost at the Weirdstone! She is long gone! x

Anonymous said...

I'm going to need a new laptop if I'm going to continue drooling over your crafting!

A challenge is an excellent idea!

Sandy said...

Oh wow wow wow wow this is really romantic. Wonderful paris entry.

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