Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Weekend is Nearly Over ....

....Again! A productive few days which seems to indicate that my mojo is back home with me. I managed to finish this month's reading for Monday's Book Club a few days ago which meant that I had a couple of days to complete my book mark. The book, Fragment by Warren Fahy was a surprise! I best not say too much before tomorrow evening. The crafty element was to make a bookmark incorporating a "peg". One of the main characters was a botantist so I picked up on her description of the flora and fauna on Henders Island.
I am not finished yet! I have also made a couple of cards with the Elusive Images stamps I have had for a while and not managed to use and despite having made no Christmas cards I have started altering my box for the Cubby Hole monthly swap! So not to spoil the surprise I will not upload any images but I am rather pleased with it so far.....HOWEVER once I started with traditional colours I wished that I had used something contemporary (i.e. black, silver and aubergine).
Work is busy at the moment and there seems to be lots of things to do so I cannot promise to keep my blog updated as it should be. I would like to say that I do a little bit of blog hopping and its great to see my friends' work and words.


Anonymous said...

Love the cards Suzanne, especially the purple one.....Mgt.x

Suzy B said...

Love all these cards Suzanne. I've left an award for you on my blog.
Cheers see you on Mon I hope
Sue Bx

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