Sunday, 6 September 2009

Two posts in two days? Am I living in a parallel universe? Well no crafting done since Friday when my crafty friend visited. The visit did me good - I seemed to find my mojo (thanks Annie!) and the results are attached. For next week's Book Club the crafty element was to provide an 8x8 ephemera collage - as I am doing my own journal alongside the Book Club I have done two 8x8's. I am quite pleased how these turned out as I didnt have a clue what I wanted to do before I started. I don't often have a plan but most of the time I do have a glimmer of an idea but this time a big fat zero and if Ann had not been here I would have ended up putting them in the bin - as I did not really like my background! She told me to preservere which I am pleased to say I did.
Well that is a good job out of the way as we are away in the new van next weekend - its going to be a busy week as there is a lot of work involved in switching the vans over and we are now both back at work......there is only one solution ......ORGANISATION!
For those who are aware I am also pleased to say that I seem to have overcome some of my "problems" regarding travelling so that's another reason I am feeling more rested than usual despite the house being in absolute chaos and it being a never ending circle of cleaning and laundry. I have also been chatting to an old school friend who I have not spoken to for 26-years and I have enjoyed reminiscing about old times with him. Its amazing what you can recollect when there are two of you. I am missing my Cubby Hole fix and my friends but I do hope Carol and Paul are having a splendid time. If any of you read my blog - see you all soon! X

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Nigel said...

Two blogs in two days :O Who are you and what have you done with That Woman??

I saw Christine yesterday, apparently she's having withdrawal symptoms as well. Oh well, only another week to go.

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