Saturday, 5 September 2009

Well I have been back from my holidays for almost a week now - did I go away? We (Neil and I) decided we liked caravaning so much we have purchased a "newer" caravan that we collect on Thursday - ready for our couple days away fishing on Friday.
Have taken lots of pictures whilst on holiday but unfortunately these are still on the camera - I will get round to uploading them this year! The weather was not great but the scenery and quietness was. I am also happy as Damian and Danielle got very good results for their GCSEs and my errant son has made a grown up decision and enrolled for 6th form rather than college.
The picture is of my Fat Quarters which I gave into to the Cubby Hole last month. I enjoyed the stitching and I think I need to teach myself some new stitches as I would like to incorporate this into other pieces particularly scrapbook pages - which I need to get back into!
Well its back to work for me on Monday - two and half weeks have flown by! Don't tell anyone but it does not seem to be such a bad prospect so I must be more rested than I think! September is going to be a busy month - I have a workshop and a crop to go to as well as the McMillan Fundraising weekend at the Cubby Hole so before I know it will be October and the dreaded "silly season" will be looming!

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