Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday 2nd August 2009

Well I have been shamed (again) into updating my very neglected blog.....I have made it my mission to try harder (but I really cannot see who would be interested in reading it in any event! Well the skies are blue on this early Sunday morning ..... think this must be my favourite time of the week as the whole street and house is quiet.....PEACE! Yesterday it was the monthly crop at the Cubby Hole (I will ask "that man" how to insert a link) and had a productive day. Its like home from home....and it was lovely to see some new faces. At the crop we swapped our tags.....mine I believe is winging its way to Italy so I have not been able to pop a picture here. Seeing the recipent's tag (received by the lovely Christine) I am slightly embarrassed by mine now! Anyway I have popped on here three of my tags I did not put into the swap....(I just had an afternoon of tag making last week!). At the crop I did three pages for the Crafty Friends Journal (run by the slighlty bonkers Sall ...only joking Sall my dear friend ... if you are reading this lol). I was still in the mood when I got home and did another two pages. These are for Mgt's CJ .....Words of Wisdom! I hope she will like the 5 pages I have done to complete her journal! Lets hope thats not the end of Crafty Friends. Well enough ramblings from me ...... "that man" will rue the day he shamed me into updating my to work out how to load my pictures to go with this post!


Anonymous said...

OH Suz I did laugh at the bonkers bit...clearly you know me a wee bit too well lol!

I too will be sad to see this cj end, I did have a panic at first but this one's been a breeze compared to the last one I was in!

I love the tags too...where did you learn to create things like that?

nuttynorn said...

Hi Suz love thetags and Scrapbook LO,s passed messages on to that man so he will probably have something to say later.
Am thinking about setting a blog up my self cause peeps keep going on at me on aunty,s.

Nigel said...

Blimey! 2 entries in 2 months, things are looking up :p

I notice there was no mention of doing somebody else's pages as well as your own ;)

Athena said...

Your Tag is absolutely lovely! I love it! Thanks Suazanne :)

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