Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday 16th August 2009

Well, its been a productive day, which is just as well as I needed to be organised before my holidays on Thursday. Last night I started the CJ; If I were a seamstress. I completed this today but unfortunately I cannot put the photos here as they are of course to be kept a surprise for the owner of the journal. I completed my Fat Quarters yesterday and these have dutifully been handed into Carol, as when I get back the Cubby Hole will be closed for a further two weeks. I am quite pleased with my FQ - but again I cannot load the pics until they are swapped! I also made a couple of birthday cards but to be honest I am not entirely happy with them, so I don't intend to put them on here. I have also tidied up my crafty stash, it was in a right higgely piddedly mess and I seem to have misplaced a couple of stamps. So it was a job that could not be put off today....I really do have too much! I shall endeavour to use some of it before I purchase anything else, especially paper! Please note that I have not promised not to buy anything else only to "endeavour". Oh yes the two missing stamps have still not turned up? The pictures opposite are my pages from my own journal, which I am doing alongside the Book Club I go to. Last month's book was my choice, which I obviously enjoyed immensely. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. The story is based in Afghanistan and tells of the struggles two women have to endure throughout the years in the turbulent country. I believe it is mostly a love story though not a typical love story. Love manifests itself in many ways; love for one's family, home and country. If you want your emotions evoked and your heartstrings tugged, this is defintely a book you should read! Well thats enough ramblings from me! A short week at work - last day Wednesday, but as you can imagine there is a lot to do before we leave for the Exe Valley (Exmoor/Somerset) on Thursday night. Will miss my crafty friends for the next month!


Nigel said...

I see you're getting the hang of this then.

If you want to reduce your stash, you know where my mailbox is at the Cubby Hole.

Why not load your FQ pics? There's nothing in the rules about them being secret (goes off to check just in case). The book club pics are good.


ScrappySuzanne said...

Okies may do....thought I read something about a sealed envelope! Dont tell anyone but I did put some "paper" in the green recycling bin...but ssshhhhh thats between me and you! xxxx

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