Monday, 30 August 2010

Round Robin Journal

As it has been several weeks since I inflicted pages from the Round Robin "Raven" Journal on you and as I have completed two double layouts today for Linn's journal......I know I should be outside enjoying the sunshine but I was on a roll and I needed to tidy my dining table before bed tonight - I could not leave it a tip another day!

I did pop outside to take my photos but one double layout did not turn out well enough (think it may be due to the pastel colours used) so I will have to scan in.  Pictured is a double layout using the new Graphic 45 papers, which are delicious.  You should have seen us ladies (and gent) pounce on them at the Cubby Hole last week.  The word "scavengers" comes to mind! 

1 comment:

Shar said...

Fantastic pages! I love all the ravens here and there! Awesome!

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